ANE released the world's smallest volume of 100KW bi-directional AC/DC converter


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Shenzhen Acadie New Energy Co., Ltd. is a technology-based company specializing in the research, development and production of new energy equipment. The company recently released the world's smallest 100KW bi-directional AC/DC converter, disrupting the market with its technological trends and providing consumers with clean energy.


The core equipment of PCS is a 100KW energy storage bidirectional AC/DC converter designed with modular technology. The industry-leading control algorithm can realize multi-machine parallel operation and has reactive power compensation function. These features ensure that the converter has excellent grid adaptability and load adaptability.


Despite its small size(129*443*500mm), the bi-directional AC/DC converter is equipped with local monitoring and remote dispatching functions through the EMS system. This design enables excellent power management while ensuring system safety and reliability. The independent air duct design also means that this converter can operate efficiently in various complex application environments, providing users with simple and easy-to-use energy demand solutions.


Shenzhen Arcadi New Energy Co., Ltd.'s new inverter provides the perfect solution for customers interested in clean energy. The modular design means that the device can be used in different environments from industrial to residential areas. Additionally, the efficiency and load adaptability make them ideal for energy storage in the renewable energy sector.


As an innovative company, Shenzhen Acadie New Energy Co., Ltd. is committed to meeting the needs of customers. With the development of this new product, the company is responding to widespread demand for more efficient and environmentally friendly energy. Plus, the compact design means it's easy to install and deploy, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to switch to cleaner energy sources.


Innovation is at the heart of technology trends. With the increasing demand of consumers for clean energy, Shenzhen Acadie stepped up to develop and provide cutting-edge technologies. The release of the world's smallest 100KW bidirectional AC/DC converter confirms the company's commitment to advancing the clean energy field by providing innovative and efficient products.


All in all, Shenzhen Acadie New Energy Co., Ltd.'s latest release has made significant progress in the field of renewable energy. With its compact size, modular design and parallel operation of multiple machines, bidirectional AC/DC converters are ideal for users looking for advanced energy solutions. By investing in clean energy equipment, businesses and individuals will help build a more sustainable future. Shenzhen Acadie New Energy Co., Ltd. provides valuable resources for those taking the first steps towards a clean energy future.

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